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TDM Newsletter || Episode 16 || June 2024

Happy Summer!  I’ll be honest, this June newsletter barely made it out before the end of the month because, well, life.  But here we are!  100 degrees in NYC and the beach calling.  Here’s what’s going on in the June newsletter.

In the June Newsletter:

  • Online classes to support you during summer travels

  • New in-person class time added - Monday 8:30AM starting July 8!

  • Upcoming Rooftop Class Dates

Thanks for being here!!


Online Classes

Almost as long as I’ve been teaching classes in person, I’ve been curating an online library of classes.  This started as a way to deep dive into form and specific muscle releases.

The library is now ~60 specific classes that target muscle release, hone in on muscle groups and extend the class or session experience beyond the studio.  It’s something many of my 1:1 clients use as a supplement to our sessions.  

I like to reshare this information more broadly during times like summer where there's more travel and schedule disruptions in case this library could be helpful for you over the summer months.

What you can expect with the online library:

1/ On Demand classes grounded in Myofascial Release, Pilates and Strength Training.

2/ Classes organized by channel.  Channels include Roll & Release, Pilates, Deep Core, Low Impact / High Intensity.

3/ A deep dive into Myofascial Release.  The Roll & Release channel hones in on specific areas (e.g. Lower-back Release, Knee Love - Releasing muscles around the knee, Rolling for sleep) thus empowering your own release work.

4/ A focus on nervous system regulation. Classes are equal parts effective & calming.

Happenings this month...

Classes & Community

June/July Brooklyn Class Schedule: TDM HIIT & Pilates

  • Monday 8:30AM (1hr) - NEW!! starts July 8th

  • Wednesday 6:30PM (1hr)

  • Saturday 10:00AM (1hr)

no class June 26 & 29, July 6

All classes are grounded in the three prongs of TDM: Myofascial Release, Pilates & Strength Training. Classes are intended to be challenging yet approachable and I'm so grateful to have The Floor as our home for this!

Bookings open 2 weeks in advance.

TDM at The Beach Round Up

Our rooftop class at the beach was a blast (though due to rain it was indoors).  It felt great to bring this method to a new location and new group of people and it was wonderful  to move with so many of y’all who traveled out there for the class.

Announcing our 2nd rooftop class!!

Sunday July, 14th, 11:00AM

Sign ups are open! Use the link below to book.  Sign ups are managed thru the Rockway hotel.

Private Training

The approach is calm, thoughtful and completely personalized.  Certified across modalities in Pilates, Personal Training and Connective Tissue Release, I aim to make each session and meet you where you're at while supporting the goals you want to achieve.

During the summer, I have more openings than usual in my 1:1 training schedule so if you're looking for an opportunity to dive deeply, learn about your own movement patterns and ultimately create an organized, flexible and strong body, summer is a great time to start. See the link below for my 1:1 and small group training availability (in Brooklyn & Manhattan).

Ok! I think that's all for now. Thanks for being here!

Until next month!

xxx Catherine

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