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The Danaher Method is a three pronged approach to fitness using Pilates, Strength Training and Self-Myofascial Release.  Catherine (Danaher)’s teaching approach is informed by her background in athletics, anatomical knowledge and work as a personal trainer, self-myofascial release practitioner and Pilates instructor.

The founder, Catherine Danaher, grew up with fitness as a cornerstone of her life.  As a child of the '80s, she jumped around in the background of her mom's Jane Fonda VHS workouts.  She played any and all sports, some well, some not so well (being tall doesn't guarantee you'll be good at basketball).  In college Catherine focused on rowing competitively where she learned to push herself to the limit, and then push further.  She continued rowing while living and working in corporate jobs in San Francisco and Hong Kong.

​Catherine learned the importance of taking care of her body first hand when working in the corporate world, training for her 4th marathon and experiencing injuries related to a sedentary work-life coupled with training.  Injuries led her to study and incorporate mobility and Pilates into her own endurance and strength training.  A few years later, The Danaher Method was born.
The Danaher Method is a holistic movement approach combining Pilates and mobility for an overall healthier body and mind.  Whether it's through personal training or in a group setting,  Catherine will partner with you to achieve your goals while guiding you in taking care of your body.

The Danaher Method is different from other programs.  It will help you learn to listen and take care of your body while improving your overall fitness. 

Catherine is a NASM certified Personal Trainer, ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor.  She has studied Pilates Mat and Apparatuses at the Kane School in New York City.  She is certified in the Roll Model Method.  She has completed 3 marathons and was a member of the Division 1 Women's Crew team at Marist College.
The Danaher Method is based in Brooklyn, NY with a digital workout library available globally.  

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