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TDM Newsletter || Episode 4 || June 2023

June, June!! I started publishing this newsletter in March in the depths of winter. Now we are in full Spring into Summer mode. Energy levels in the studio have been high and we’ve been taking advantage of the weather with pop up outdoor classes.

On a personal note, I pealed myself away for a week holiday in California - it was a wonderful week visiting dear friends, eating lots and enjoying the fresh air. The time away reminded me how restorative just a few days away from the screens and calendars can be. I'm rested and very happy to be back in the studio and in the digital ethers moving with you all. In this month's newsletter we have:

June Classes | Back Line Release Workout | Community Member Highlight

I’m excited to share this month's movement practice with you all - we focus on releasing the back line of the body rolling the calves, shins and tendons that support the knee joint. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading and see you on the mat!

June Classes!! The June Schedule is live & bookable, including 2 outdoor classes Join us in Boerum Hill studio WEEKLY: Wednesdays | 6:35PM Saturdays AM | 10:30AM Outdoor Class 2 ONLY: Friday 6/9 | 8:30AM Tuesday 6/13 | 7:00PM Stay tuned for some existing news on studio expansion in July!

Your Newsletter Practice:

Release the Backline by Rolling the Lower Limbs

The hips and lower-back are always fan favorites when we practice self-myofascial release in class (and for good reason). But something else to consider is the broader connective tissue network - where releasing another area of the body can bring about release in the hips and lower-back. We explore that in this month's rolling sequence that I recently published on the digital library.

This Lower-Limb Release guides you thru a release of the calves, shins and connective tissue around the knees. This will connect into fascial tissue network on the backline of the body. When you try it, pay attention to how you feel in the back of the legs, lower-back and shoulders.

Hint: you might feel a release for the hamstrings and lower back without touching the big muscle groups there. That’s the thing about connective tissue, it all connects!

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Meet the Community

a new highlight in our newsletter! Meet the members of this fantastic community!


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