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A Quad Release that's better than a Foam Roller

In a recent Roll & Release class, we spent extra time on the lower half of the body partly to help the recovery of those who ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon early that day and partly because I like to include some sort of quad release in every work out. In our seated culture, opening up the front on the body can help with hip, lower back, even shoulder discomfort.

I am sharing the quad release we did together with our yoga balls.

Why do I like this better than a foam roller?

Yoga balls are more precise than a roller. Because they are smaller, they more easily move with the direction of the muscle and can get in deeper to the muscles and fascia than a wide foam roller can. They are also often softer than a foam roller.

What you'll need:

1/Set of soft but firm yoga balls (I'm linking the brand I use below)

2/Two Blocks

3/A soft surface to kneel on (carpet, mat, blanket)

Step 1:

Start in quadruped on your mat or soft surface. Stack the blocks on one side, beneath one thigh. Place the toted balls parallel to the short edge of the block.

Step 2:

Lower one thigh down onto the balls, starting 2-3 inches above the knee. Let gravity do it's job. Allow the muscles of the thigh to relax over the balls. Take three breaths.

Step 3:

After 3 breaths, move the yoga balls up an inch along the thigh. Continuously breathe and melt the thigh muscles over the ball. Continue to melt and move the ball up in 1" increments until you're 2-3" below your ASIS aka hip point (you want to keep the balls on muscle-y areas, not boney).

Optional: pin the ball in place and flex the knee to simultaneously stretch the thigh muscles as your release (pictured below).

Step 4:

Once you've covered the surface of your thigh, return to quadruped. Moving your blocks to the side, step your other leg forward. Lunge forward and stretch the psoas and quad on that side you were just rolling. Then, repeat everything on the other side!

Try this in person at one of our upcoming Roll & Release classes. Check the lastest class schedule for dates.

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