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TDM Newsletter || Episode 9 || November 2023

Welcome to November! I was a little slow to get the newsletter out this month. My birthday falls on November 2nd so I've spent the last few days feeling the love from this

wonderful community, family and friends.

As I enter my last year in my 30s, my appreciation for my health and physical body has never been greater. I practice The Danaher Method daily and this is the best and most balanced I've ever felt.

Finding the time isn't easy, like everyone's, my life has competing priorities. My mornings and evenings are with clients and in between there is a business to run. But I know that thru this movement practice I am able to feel like myself, feel strong and capable. Some days its muscle activation and then a run around Brooklyn Bridge Park, other days, it's saying to myself, nope my body is tired, I need to slow things down and work mobility today.

As I'm getting older, body organization has become my biggest priority. Like everyone, my body has some issues, a labral tear, and winging scapula and if I ignore them they bother me and become issues. However, if I proactively address the muscle patterns that I've built over 39 years, I feel good and can move in the ways I want to.

And that's what this Method is all about - using the three prongs of Pilates, Strength Training and Connective Tissue Release so that we can feel good in the ways we want to...

I'm excited to share this months' self-myofascial release practice with you + a new recipe which everyone seems to be loving! You'll hear from me again in November with some holiday info (and the only sale of the year!) and some form tips later the month. In the meantime, take really good care of yourself.

xx Catherine

Your Newsletter Practice: Self-Myofascial Release for Rest

Active mediation is the subject of this month's rolling sequence. For many of us, it can be hard to quiet the mind and fully sink into a meditative state. For that reason I often reach for myofascial release tools to support relaxation and the down-regulation of the nervous system. In this video, I take you thru an active meditation that I first created as a series to help with sleep. We'll use yoga balls and breath to calm the nervous system. I recommend trying this if you're having trouble quieting your mind or are needing some stress relief.

If you like this sequence, you can access the full Digital Workout Library


Membership includes:

  • Access to 60+ online workouts ranging from self-myofascial release to high intensity circuits

  • New, weekly workouts released on Sunday's with a weekly program

  • Access to any live streamed classes

Things We Love: A SweetGreen Salad, Recreated at Home

I’m a huge fan of recreating foods that I try when eating out at home. Specifically, accessible take out meals that have fresh, straightforward ingredients (vs an elaborately sauced meat dish which I love to eat out but is beyond my skill level!).

Most of us know the salad place, Sweet Green and recently I’ve been recreating their Harvest Bowl at home (and saving $$ as I do it).

Here’s the recipe! I hope you enjoy it!

Things Happening Around the Studio

We're in the studio for The Danaher Method group classes on Wednesday & Saturday's (note the schedule does get a little irregular toward the end of the month). Classes blend Mobility, Pilates, Strength Training, Cathartic Release and Nervous- System Regulation. It's a fun and unique hour of movement.

Class Schedule:

Wednesday's 6:30pm

Saturday's 10:00am

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