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TDM Newsletter || Episode 8 || October 2023

Hi Friends!!

Welcome to the October Newsletter (did September fly by or did September fly by??)!

This month is about simplicity and focus and this newsletter is a reflection of that.

In September, I had some time free up to take on additional one-on-one clients so I've been spending a really nice amount of time working privately with clients on Pilates, Strength Training & Connective Tissue Release.

A common theme that's been coming up is simplicity.

There's something about keeping things simple by alleviating unnecessary complexity in order to get results. It's a theme you'll see within The Danaher Method in classes, on the digital library and in private sessions thru the month.

In this newsletter you'll find:

The Easiest (ahem, simple), Healthy One-Dish Dinner |

A Myofascial-Release Series for Healthy Knees | October Classes, ones on a Monday!

Thank you for reading and see you on the mat!

- Catherine

October Class Schedule

Wednesdays | 6:30PM | 2nd Floor Studio

Saturdays* | 10:00AM | 1st Floor Studio

@ The Floor on Atlantic

310 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

*No class on 10/7 and 10/14

Special Events

Roll & Release

Friday | Oct 20 | 5:30pm

Relax and unwind thru guided self myofascial release. Using props, you will be guided thru connective tissue release. This class will relieve sore muscles, improve mobility and promote relaxation. Join in studio or drop into the live-stream. As a reminder, the live-stream is included for all Digital Library subscribers. Simply sign up and dial in.

Bookings open Oct 6th. Class is held monthly. The next one is November 10th!

A Monday Class!

Monday | Oct 30| 12:30pm

I've been ideating for a while about a daytime class during the week and this month we will trial it! It will be an express class format at 45minutes and will keep within the simplicity theme for the month (note that does not mean easy!).

Bookings will open 2 weeks ahead (on Oct 16th). Stay tuned for more details.

Things We Love:

The Easiest, most Versatile, One-Dish Sheet-Pan Dinner

I make this vegetarian dish allll the time. It's easy, healthy, budget friendly and comforting as the weather starts to cool. The only effort involved is chopping the veggies. Because most mornings and evenings I'm working with clients or teaching class, I chop all the vegetables when I have time mid-day so things are ready to roast (for 25-30min) for a veggie heavy, comforting dish at the end of the day.

Your Newsletter Practice:

Knee Love - Myofascial-Release for Healthy Knees

In this month's newsletter we’re talking about knee health. I hold a monthly Roll & Release class where we take an hour to walk thru the body and work on releasing the connective tissue/fascial network. At the start of the class I ask for any requests and in a recent session we had a few people experiencing knee pain ranging from minor discomfort, creaking and clicking to meniscal tear recovery. So we spent a good amount of the class with foam rollers & yoga balls to massage the muscles and fascial network around the knee joint.

Since knee pain affects so many of us, myself included, and being inspired by the class, I put together this focus sequence for our Digital Library where we deep dive into the connective tissue and muscles on the Quads and IT Band.

Try this Knee Love series and see how you feel....

as always, you know your body best, please practice this is a way that feels safe and accessible for you.

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