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TDM Newsletter || Episode 17 || July 2024

Updated: 3 days ago

Hello July! I'm putting the finishing touches on this newsletter from my new apartment! Anyone who has moved recently (or ever) can relate to how changes in physical space can disrupt routines and feel a little unsettling - even when it's a fun move and everything goes smoothly. Maybe that's why, in July, the movement focus of the month is our deepest core layer. To me, there's something about going below our larger, superficial muscles (e.g. quads, rectus abdominals) and focusing on the deep, slow twitch tonic muscles that can feel so calming for the nervous system. So that's where we're focused here in this newsletter and in our movements this month!

In the July Newsletter:

  • We're talking deep core abdominals, why and how to train these

  • July in studio classes (Monday added!)

  • Our next beach residency class (July 14th!)

Thanks for being here!!


Focus this Month: Our Deepest Core Layer

The theme of July in classes in the studio, classes online & in my private sessions is accessing and strengthening the deepest core layer.  The deep core is a constant focus of The Danaher Method but in July I’m taking a deeper lens to it. 

What is the deep core?

Just being aware of what your deep core is a great place to start.

Why train the deep core?  

These muscles are the foundation for pelvic stability, breath and posture.  When we strengthen these muscles we support all of these things.  Our deep core center supports posture, balance, breathing and heart rate.  Not to mention supporting the superficial “six pack” muscles. 

How to train the deep abdominal layer?

  • BREATHE - When we connect to our breath we use the diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles, two muscle groups within our “inner unit”, our deepest abdominal layer.  Focus on an inhale in one direction of the movement and exhale in the other.

  • MOVE SLOWLY - slow and deep is more effective than fast and shallow.  This video is sped up 3x so go way slower if you try it.

  • GOOD FORM IS BETTER THAN BIG RANGE - allow yourself to make you range of motion smaller if you have trouble keeping the pelvis in a neutral position (e.g. here if I found my back arching I could bend my knees and toe tap to the ground instead of extending my leg)

  • PRACTICE - After a few sessions together a client told me she’s started to sore in places she’d never felt before in other reformer classes.  That's after we started training together focusing on connecting to her deep abdominal layer & breath. the mind/body connection requires practice, just like any sport.

  • START HERE - With a class recently added to the digital library with two deep abdominal series':

PS: Stay tuned for upcoming online class launches:

  • 7/12: Bird Dog Upperbody & Core Flow

  • 7/19: Rolling for Headache Relief 

  • 7/26: Foam Roller Full-body Workout

Happenings this month...

Classes & Community

July Brooklyn Class Schedule: TDM HIIT & Pilates

  • Monday 8:30AM (1hr) - added day & time!!

  • Wednesday 6:30PM (1hr)

  • Saturday 10:00AM (1hr)

All classes are grounded in the three prongs of TDM: Myofascial Release, Pilates & Strength Training. Classes are intended to be challenging yet approachable.

Hosted at the Floor on Atlantic.

Bookings open 2 weeks in advance.

Bonus Class: TDM Residency at The Beach!

  • Rooftop Class @ The Rockaway Hotel

  • July 14th 10:00am

  • Get to the hotel via public transit on the Ferry (5min walk to the hotel) or A Train

Register thru the Rockaway

Ok! I think that's all for now. Thanks for being here!

Until next month!

xxx Catherine

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