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TDM Newsletter || Episode 13 || March 2024

It's been one year since I started sending out this newsletter! Thank you, thank you for being here!

A year of newsletters in, I thought it would be nice to share one of our most popular self-myofascial release classes from the digital library and a sequence that I use with my private clients and in classes frequently.

Why am I sharing this?

When one, and likely you, first signed up for this newsletter you might have received this class. There's a reason for that and a reason I'm re-circulating it here. This class is one of the most popular because 4 out of 5 people experience some kind of lower-back pain (1) in their lifetime. Anatomically, when we release the muscle & tissue in the lower-back and glutes we can open up the entire posterior chain and reduce discomfort here.

I'm re-circulating this because something I've been coming back to over the past few months has been repetition. It feels like life is very hectic for a lot of us right now. We are all juggling various priorities no matter what you do for work, what your relationships look like and who and how you spend your time.

With repetition comes simplicity and sometimes keeping things simple is the most effective way to communicate, focus and care for yourself and others.

So here we go sharing our Hip Release class that is a joy for the muscles & fascia of the 'tush and lower-back!

(Also included in this newsletter:

New Manhattan Studio | Additional Classes | Corporate Programming)

What's included in the Hip Release class?


The Danaher Method is a three pronged approach to fitness using a signature blend of Pilates, Strength Training and Self-Myofascial Release. In this class you'll be practicing self-myofascial release for your hips and lower-back.


My teaching approach is informed by my background in athletics, anatomical knowledge and working as a personal trainer, self-myofascial release practitioner and Pilates instructor.


This is a 10-minute class from our digital library to release tightness in the Glutes, IT Band, Lower-back & Hamstrings. You'll want your yoga or tennis balls to get started.


Why is the release work important?


 Self-Myofascial Release is the practice of releasing tension thru the fascia network.


What is fascia?


Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, muscle, bone, blood vessel and nerve ending in place - like your body’s own scaffolding!  The tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. When stressed, it tightens up.


When you release fascia you help to ease tight muscles, improve blood and nutrient flow within the network and down-regulate your nervous system.


What's happening in this class?


In 10 minutes, you’ll release the hips, lower-back, glutes and IT Band.  We have fascia through all these muscles and the release techniques in this class are intended to open all of that up.

Tip: If you don't have yoga balls, tennis balls or another kind of squishy ball will work. A lacrosse ball will be too firm and I don't recommend that.

How frequently should I take this class?

2-3x per week


Should I take this class before or after another workout?


Either!  When you choose to roll will lead to different benefits.  If done at the beginning of a workout, release work will activate and dynamically stretch tissue, therefore improving range of motion in your workout.  If done at the end of a workout, this will help with recovery and future muscle fatigue.

Other Happenings...

Private Training - Hello Manhattan!!

Watch out New York! TDM is back in Manhattan! I am now seeing private clients in Flatiron on Tuesdays.

Please message me if you're interested in 1:1 or 2:1 training in Manhattan.

Availability is limited.

Corporate Wellness

If you're interested in corporate partnerships, we are currently expanding programming for companies across industries in Tech, Law, Finance and the Non-Profit* space.

Programming includes Private Classes, 1:1 Myofascial Release Sessions, Leadership Events, Town Halls, Health Fairs.

**We offer non-profit rates.

Classes @ The Floor

In March I added a Monday night class so we now have 3 weekly classes! All classes are grounded in the three prongs of TDM: Myofascial Release, Pilates & Strength Training. Classes are intended to be challenging yet approachable and I'm so grateful to have The Floor as our home for this!

March - May Schedule

  • Monday 7:15PM (45min) - new

  • Wednesday 6:30PM (1hr)

  • Saturday 10:00AM (1hr)

Save the Date for April Roll & Release Classes

  • Sunday, April 14th 1:30PM

  • Sunday, April 28th 1:30PM

bookings open 2 weeks in advance

I was recently reading some class reviews...please excuse me while I cry with joy in the corner...

Reformer Classes in Manhattan

and if you're still addition to seeing 1:1 and 2:1 clients in Manhattan, I am teaching Reformer classes @Kinected (home of the brilliant Kane School of Pilates) on Mondays at 1PM.

Ok! I think that's all for now. Thanks for being here!

Until next month!

xxx Catherine

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