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The Danaher Method in Your Office!

We’ve kicked off our Corporate Wellness Program!

This month we were at First Eagle, an investment bank with 500 employees based in NYC.

We held “Office Hours”. We set up in their midtown office and employees booked 15 minute private stretching & rolling sessions. Watching the transformation and stress reduction in these 20 employees during the sessions was remarkable. A 15 minute mid-day reset and then back to work.

@FirstEagle team - if you’re seeing this, you’re the BEST. These sessions booked up in 5 minutes and it really says something about your organization that you offer these wellness programs!

Next month we have a big group session on the piers for a company (that I am so excited about I’m not even going to share the name because I don’t want to jinx it). More on that soon!

If you're interested in bringing The Danaher Method to Your Office, let's connect!

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