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TDM Newsletter || Episode 5 || July 2023

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Hi Friends!! We are in the full swing of summer travels, irregular schedules that have many of us out of our routine. Or is it just me?? The mindset I’m trying to keep is to not stress about the routine change up. Summer always goes by way too fast…enjoy it! I’m trying to take the time off when I can, stay at the beach late into the evening, eat the ice cream if you want it and fit in exercise in a way that feels good. For example, if you’re a class-goer but are traveling, dial into the loads of content on the TDM digital library and move your body for 20 minutes, or, if you planned to go for a run but it’s too hot (happened to me this weekend), turn it into a walk and add walking lunges to add resistance training instead. This July newsletter holds a lot. Including...

Summer Classes (& Parties!) | My Go-To Upper-back Tension Reliever | Fall Corporate Wellness Info

Thanks for reading and see you on the mat!

Meanwhile, the summer class schedule is in full swing! Our July focus for in-person & on demand classes are balance and upper-body strength. Look out for upper-body mobility (my go-to release sequence for the neck & upper-back is included in this newsletter!), strength training (using light yet effective resistance) and balance work.


Can you balance on each leg for 45 seconds?? The average person can stand on one leg for 40-50 seconds but this declines as we age and if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Try standing on one leg with a timer running. How long can you go for? Does it feel the same on one side vs. the other?

July Classes!!

The July Schedule is live & bookable!

Join us at The Floor


Wednesdays | 6:30PM

Saturdays AM | 10:30AM

all classes are at The Floor | 310 Atlantic Ave 2nd Floor

Save the Date for:

July 14th: Roll & Release Class!

1 hour of guided mobility, stretching and muscle release.

In Person & Live Streamed | Friday 5:30PM

July 29th: The Floor Expansion Party!

Celebrate the expansion of our Brooklyn class home! Details to follow.

Get Early Access to Corporate Wellness Programming

It might be summer but I am building out Fall Corporate Wellness programming.

Are you interested in bringing The Danaher Method to your office (or online) for stretching and guided self-myofascial release? You can respond to this email or schedule a call for more information on Fall programming.

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