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TDM Newsletter || Episode 11 || January 2024

Updated: Jan 7

Happy New Year! Truthfully, I was going to skip the newsletter this month. I felt like November and December were noisy and mainly because I'm NOT one to talk about New Years Resolutions/In and Out Lists/New Year New You/etc. That's nothing against those who are, it's just that at The Danaher Method we aren't about grand, extreme gestures.

We are about consistency and repetition that leads to progression.

That's what I'm focused with my one-on-one clients, in classes and on the digital platform this month. For me this means keepings things f***ing SIMPLE! I'm catching myself wanting to throw all these complex choreography patterns into classes and internally I'm policing myself to say "No! Catherine, keep it simple. Make it challenging for the body and easy for the mind." I know a lot of us are finding it hard to find the time for movement (I'm struggling with this big time). So, I'm hyper focused on efficiency and ease. That's why the focus of the digital library is on essentials, basic movement patterns and on our deepest core - our inner unit - more on that below, including an exercise to engage the inner unit.

Things Happening at the Studio

I'm not going to lie, the January and February class schedule is funky. I'm trying out some new time slots and class formats! Check the online schedule for the latest and greatest and to sign up. Here's a schedule overview below (this is different from what I recently posted to IG because I added more classes to the schedule this week).

Note: Classes are filling quickly so be sure to sign up in advance to snag your space.

Class on Fri 1/19 and Sunday 1/21st are being taught thru The Floor (I'm subbing for the great Jaime Dowd!) so those bookings should be made directly thru The Floors website.

Our Digital Community

On the digital library we are getting back to basics. This week the programming is all about our inner unit.

What is the inner unit?

The inner unit is our deepest abdominal layer made up of 4 muscles 1/Diaphragm 2/Transverse Abdominals 3/Multifidi 4/Pelvic Floor. Tapping into these deep core muscles helps to stabilize the spine and support the pelvis and it feels darn good to strengthen and move this area of the body. In Pilates, we talk about the inner unit constantly since it's the foundation of all core movement (not the rectus abdominals aka the six pack muscles).

Try an exercise to engage your inner unit:

1/Lie on a mat and place a block or pilates ball underneath your pelvis (just above your butt crack).

2/Bring your hands to your low belly in a triangle shape -thumbs at belly button, pointer finger towards pubic bone.


Inhale a big, expansive breath. Belly and hands will rise.

Exhale and gather the waist, funnel ribcage to pelvis, energetically bring the space between the hip bones together. Try and exhale all the air out of your lunges as the core engages.

4/Repeat for 10 cycles of breath.

Hint: This should feel gentle and breath-led. Do this without moving your thighs or gripping your butt.

Access the rest of our library for more deep core exercises!

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