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Celebrating 1 Year of The Danaher Method at the Floor Studio

In early 2022 I was introduced to the beautiful, collaborative space on Atlantic Ave that is The Floor. In April 2022, I made the decision to shift classes from Brooklyn Bridge Park, McCarren Park and Peter's Field indoors, into a beautiful, indoor class home...

Into a space where my vision for The Danaher Method classes could come to life.

It's been an incredible year of moving our bodies, growing as a community and breathing deeply.

Here are some of my favorite memories from outdoor classes...

I was much better about taking photos back then...

It was so much fun to be outdoors, but remember the time the garbage truck drove thru our NYC Streets class?!?

Bringing classes indoors allowed The Danaher Method to come to life.

The Floor has provided a tranquil space to stretch deeply, move our bodies, breathe, open stiff muscles and listen to some kicka$$ music.

Later this month we will celebrate a year in this space in a special 75 minute class (with extra, super relaxing, self-myofascial release, cue relaxed sigh...)

Here's to many more wonderful classes in the space!

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