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In the little over a year I have been working with Catherine and utilizing the Danaher Method (both in classes and on a one-on-one basis), I have increased my strength and mobility above and beyond my expectations. My body has never felt so strong and stable. Her training is not only incredibly effective, it has a unique calming nature as well. I truly look forward to every class with Catherine as I know I will walk away feeling rejuvenated and stronger every single time. 

-Alison Hinsche

TDM is simply amazing! I had muscular tightness from stress that spread from my shoulder to my neck, mid back, and then a tingling and throbbing sensation on my arm. I went to two doctors (urgent care and my primary physician), PT, massages (regular and myofasocial), and acupuncture prior to working with Catherine and she was the best! She worked on me with the myofascial balls and it was the only thing that worked every time I worked with her. She focused on what I needed and proposed different ways of attacking it! Long story short, I no longer walk like Frankenstein's monster but I can actually move and pick up heavy objects now! Highly, highly recommended!

-Richmond Jin

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