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TDM Newsletter || Episode 15 || May 2024

Happy May! I write this, between 1:1 client sessions, in the back of the studio, seated on a foam roller, laptop propped on a Pilates Reformer, eating a snack (always), playlisting for tonights class and putting the final notes on this newsletter - entrepreneur life is a multitasking life...

Anyway...this month's newsletter is all about the TDM community which is always at the forefront of what I do but April was extra special because we marked 2 years of classes at The Floor and we are approaching 2 years of digital library and online classes!! A lot has changed since that first class in FDR park in but a lot is still the same.

This is still a movement method that is grounded in feeling movements, in moving the body in all planes of motion and it's a community practicing together from all different industries, ages and relationship with exercise, coming together to feel strong and powerful in our bodies, safely. And I'm pretty psyched about that.

In the May Newsletter:

  • A quad release I've been teaching lately that does way more than just stretching or a foam roller can.

  • Updates on summer community events - including a TDM class residency at the beach (!!!) and a post class coffee hang.

  • A - How it started, How it's going - moment...

How it's going...How it started...

Happenings this month...

A Stretch for the Quads that's better than a Foam Roller...

In a recent Roll & Release class, we spent extra time on the lower half of the body partly to help the recovery of those who ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon early that day and partly because I like to include some sort of quad release in every workout.

In our seated culture, opening up the front on the body can help with hip, lower back, even shoulder discomfort.

I like this better than a foam roller? Why?

Yoga balls are more precise than a roller. Because they are smaller, they more easily move with the direction of the muscle and can get in deeper to the muscles and fascia than a wide foam roller can. They are also often softer than a foam roller.

Classes & Community

We have some exciting things coming up!

TDM Community Coffee Hang

  • Saturday, May 18th, after the 10AM class.

  • Can’t make it to class?  No worries, email me and I’ll share the details with you.

May TDM HIIT & Pilates Class Schedule

  • Wednesday 6:30PM (1hr)

  • Saturday 10:00AM (1hr)

Roll & Release Classes

  • Sunday, May 19th, 1:30PM

  • Sunday, June 2nd, 12:00PM

All classes are grounded in the three prongs of TDM: Myofascial Release, Pilates & Strength Training. Classes are intended to be challenging yet approachable and I'm so grateful to have The Floor as our home for this!

Bookings open 2 weeks in advance.

The Danaher Method at The Beach

We're taking class to the beach!! Save the date for a residency at The Rockaway Wellness Hotel & Spa!! Sunday, June 9th. 11am Class! Registration details to follow!

Private Training

Catherine's approach is calm, thoughtful and completely personalized.  Certified across modalities in Pilates, Personal Training and Connective Tissue Release, each session with Catherine is unique and will meet you where you're at while supporting the goals you want to achieve.

I have a couple of openings coming up in June, in both Manhattan (Flatiron) and Brooklyn. If you've been thinking about this, let's connect.

Ok! I think that's all for now. Thanks for being here!

Until next month!

xxx Catherine

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